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Below are some of Knots of Art's most frequently asked questions. If you
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With my current schedule I am not accepting commissions or custom orders at this time. I hope to open more opportunities in the future. To be the first to hear about any opportunities for commissions or custom orders, please subscribe to the Knots of Art mailing list.

I am happy to announce that select products are available for wholesale purchase on Faire! Not all of my products allow me to sell wholesale due to them being hand-made and their time consuming nature. You can shop my Faire page here!

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your macramé item lasts. Keep your macramé item out of prolonged direct sunlight. If kept in continuous direct sunlight, the cord could fade or turn a different color over time. If the strings get tangled (especially with delicate tassels), take the macramé item and lie it on a clean, flat surface. Use a tooth comb and gently brush the strings back out. NEVER put the macramé item in the washer. The delicate cord and knots could come un-done and tangle the piece. For macramé wristlet and plant hangers, it is recommended to keep them out of the rain, snow, ect. Keep wristlets stored in your purse, backpack, or weatherproof bag if going outside in these weather conditions. If dusty, take the macramé item and lie on a clean, flat surface. Gently use a lint roller or duster on the front and back of the macramé item (only use a lint roller on thick cord, do not use on loose strings or tassels). You may need to use a tooth comb to brush strings back out after you are finished dusting. If you get a spot on the piece, take down and lie on a clean flat surface. Use luke warm water, a soft bristle brush (or toothbrush), and mild detergent or soap (without bleach). An alternative would be to make a liquid paste with baking soda and room temperature water. Take the solution and a clean brush and brush the cord with the spot (go with the grain of the cord). Leave the solution on the cord for about 2 minutes. Take the brush and some warm water and gently brush away the solution. Rinse with cold water and leave to dry in a well ventilated area.

All macramé patterns and products are hand-made by Knots of Art. Greeting cards are designed, printed, and scored in house using 110lb. cardstock and printed on an Epson EcoTank-7700. Art Prints are designed and printed in-house using archival quality paper and printed on an Epson EcoTank-7700. Stickers are the only products I am currently outsourcing.

As an eco-conscious business, I try my best to make sure my packaging is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible with keeping in mind my own budget restrictions. You can read more about my packaging/shipping materials and processes in this blog post .

Please see the Shipping & Returns page for the late st COVID-19 related shipping impacts and time-frames. Thank you for making a purchase from Knots of Art! Please keep in mind that your order is being shipped from Rhode Island in the United States. Shipping/delivery times will depend on your location as well as other shipping impacts such as holidays, COVID-19 related impacts, ect. Processing: A typical order will ship out within 4-6 business days of when the order is placed (unless stated otherwise). You will receive a notification upon shipping.

Please see the Shipping & Returns page for all of the Knots of Art store policies.

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