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Best Ways to Incorporate Textiles Into Your Home - With Knots of Art

Best Ways to Incorporate Textiles Into Your Home - With Knots of Art

Gallery Wall with Mirror, Shelf, Two Art Prints, and a Macramé Wall Hanging


Recently, Redfin's Content Marketing team reached out to us, asking if Knots of Art had any advice on incorporating textiles for use in home décor. If you aren't familiar, Redfin is a popular full-service real estate brokerage with branches across the United States. Redfin's Blog features many interesting articles pertaining to buying/selling homes, home improvement, life/style, finances, and more.

At Knots of Art, we believe in making everyday beautiful - from home décor, art, stationary, and accessories - there are many ways to add unique pieces to compliment your personal style. As a macramé maker, we think macramé is a great way to incorporate textiles to enhance your interior décor. When Redfin reached out to us asking for our expert advice on utilizing textiles in the home, here is what we had to say:

"Including textiles such as macramé décor is a great way to add flair to your home and compliment your unique style. Use a large scale macramé wall hanging as a statement piece in your living room, or utilize macramé plant hangers to brighten your space with plants. Macramé is very versatile, so experiment with different colors/textures to best fit your interior décor."

See our quote in the original article here.

We are so grateful to Redfin's Content Marketing team for reaching out to us to add our input on textiles in interior décor. Knots of Art has several styles of plant hangers, wall hangings, and other macramé décor available for purchase. Be sure to check out our Macramé Décor page to shop all of our beautiful, high-quality macramé pieces that are sure to make a statement in your home.

Check out the link below to Redfin's original blog post by Ryan Castillo. The article contains direct quotes from experts and small businesses all across the country with their advice on how to incorporate textiles into your home.

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