Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately, my commissions are currently closed. 

Working full-time and maintaining the shop takes up much of my time, so I do not currently have the extra time to dedicate to commissions. I'm hoping sometime in the future when I switch over to freelance full-time that I will have more open slots for commissions. I will post any updates here and on social media if that changes!

I use the Epson Expression EcoTank 7700. 

Shipping & Returns

As an eco-conscious person, I try my best to make sure my packaging is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Below is a list of shipping materials that I use in my packaging:

  • Cellos - purchased from . The cello bags are plant based and are compostable.

Please see the header for the latest COVID-19 related shipping impacts and time-frames.

Thank you for making a purchase from Knots of Art! Please keep in mind that your order is being shipped from Rhode Island in the United States. Shipping/delivery times will depend on your location as well as other shipping impacts such as holidays, COVID-19 related closings, ect.

Processing: A typical order will ship out within 7 days of when the order is placed (unless stated otherwise). You will receive a notification upon shipping.

At this time, I do not accept exchanges or returns.

I am not liable for lost orders or orders that have been damaged during shipping.

If you did not receive the product as described, please contact me and I will be happy to replace the product for you.


All of the macramé cord I use is 100% cotton. I buy from different vendors and use different sizes depending on the project. Typically I purchase 3 string, natural cord in 3mm or 4mm sizes. 

I try to incorporate sustainable materials into my work, so I forage and finish the wood that is used in the dowels. The gold metal hoops I use are bought on Amazon.

Treat your macramé wall hanging as if it were any piece of fine art on your wall.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your macramé wall hanging lasts:

  1. Keep your wall hanging out of direct sunlight. If kept in direct sunlight, the cord could fade or turn a different color over time.
  2. If the strings get tangled (especially with delicate tassels), take the wall hanging down and lie it on a clean, flat surface. Use a tooth comb and gently brush the strings back out. Be careful when you go to re-hang the piece.
  3. NEVER WASH your wall hanging. The delicate cord and knots could come un-done and tangle the wall hanging. 
  4. If dusty, take the wall hanging down and lie on a clean, flat surface. Gently use a lint roller or duster on the front and back of the wall hanging (only use a lint roller on thick cord, do not use on loose strings or tassels). You may need to use a tooth comb to brush strings back out after you are finished dusting.
  5. If you get a spot on the piece, take down and lie on a clean flat surface. Make a liquid paste with baking soda and room temperature water. Take the solution and a clean toothbrush and brush the cord with the spot (go with the grain of the cord). Leave the solution on the cord for about 2 minutes. Take the toothbrush and some warm water and gently brush away the solution. Hang to dry.

For my art prints I use Moab 235 gsm Matte Bright White Archival Inkjet paper.

For the sticker sheets and die cut stickers I use the Online Labels Matte Weatherproof Sticker paper.